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10 hours ago

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The first (and second) of our sunflowers to bloom!!! ... See MoreSee Less

The first (and second) of our sunflowers to bloom!!!


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Korey Nuchia your favorite!


Our littlest friends. ... See MoreSee Less

Our littlest friends.

2 days ago

Rockin' Star Ranch

Pomegranate anyone? Our tree/bush is right outside of the garden cottage. Come pick your own! They’re delicious!! ... See MoreSee Less

Pomegranate anyone? Our tree/bush is right outside of the garden cottage. Come pick your own! They’re delicious!!Image attachment

3 days ago

Rockin' Star Ranch

A great review we received via private message. Thank you, Rachel from Baytown!!

I’m so sorry I’m just getting around to thanking y’all! You guys were AMAZING! My kids had a blast! As parents, we were stressed out with being in town for a state softball tourney and with your welcoming antics, y’all lifted so much weight off of us. Staying at your place was like staying with family. All of my daughter’s teammates were staying at regular places/hotels and wished they would’ve booked with y’all instead. You don’t know how hard it is to stay at a place when you have teenagers that need things to do, yet a nice place to stay at. The best part... you invited our daughter’s teammate to come over to hangout/swim as well. Though her parents were staying in not such a good place, they quickly checked out and checked in with y’all! It all worked out perfectly. THANK YOU!!! The kids were happy to be together. Thank you for making sure we were always comfortable and that we had what we needed. And especially thank you for allowing me to wash my daughter’s uniform at 11 pm. As for us, the parents, thank you for making sure we had fun too. Offering us some adult beverages while we watched the kids play horseshoes was a fantastic way to unwind after a long day at the ballpark. And even better... on Sunday when we had to typically check out by 11 am (like most places), you offered to let us hangout longer. This was much appreciated since we had tourney games that morning. Being able to come back, letting the kids swim and roam the property was a life saver!!! Definitely a great way to spend Father’s Day!!! Thank you Darrell for taking the adults on the tour of the main lodge to see where your events are held. I want to plan a party just to plan a party there! And thank you for taking the dads and all the kids on a scenic property tour and teaching the kids to plant sunflowers. It was all they talked about on the way home! We are DEFINITELY coming back!!! You guys were the best and allowed us to make incredible memories that weekend. We can’t wait to come back!!! Thanks for everything!!!

Please feel free to post my review. Again, I’m so sorry I hadn’t sent it earlier.
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4 days ago

Rockin' Star Ranch

Check out our new arrivals!! Any guesses as to what they are? Annnnnnnd don’t say chicks. 🤣😂 ... See MoreSee Less


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Whatever they are, I’ll take three!!!!!

Buff Orpington, lavender Orpington, Rhode Island reds? Or English Orpington ?

Savannah would love


Omg I want one 😍😍😍😍

Love! So cute! 💖


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